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we are life in oakland -- we are live in oakland where the police chief is pushing for outside help to fight crime but not everyone is fired up about it. a deadly helicopter crash in england. what we have learned about the accident that briefly caused panic all across great britain. we are live at san jose international airport where a new aircraft is grounded. we'll tell you what happened, where it happened, and why it's effecting flights here. plus the big speech now just hours away. president obama is about to unvail his plan to reduce gun violence. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues.
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good morning. thank you for joining us on this wednesday morning january 16th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's check weather, traffic. first we go to steve. steve, i'm feeling a change is coming. >> a very slow change but it's coming. we still have 20s and 30s on the lows. i don't think anything will come close to what we had on sunday. but still when you get 28 santa rosa. 29 livermore. each day the temps are inching upward. here is sal. steve, good morning. westbound 24 traffic looks pretty good as you drive over to the tunnel. also the morning commute is not bad if you are driving on oakland freeways. let's go back to the desk. oakland's public safety committee has approved a controversial crime fighting plan for the city. it was a anonymous vote by the committee late last night. tara moriarty is joining us
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live where that meeting tara, it almost got out of hand. >> reporter: it really did. the committee did decide to give the plan the thumbs up. now it will go before the council next week. chief howard jordan believes it will pass. he met with some pretty stiff opposition last night. as did members of his staff. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: officers the chief himself and people who supported the new crime fighting program were booed and heckled. community members had to ask repeatedly for the gallery to quiet down. a police tactic called stop and frisk. it is supported by bill bratton former l.a. police chief. bratton who has helped reduce crime in l.a. and new york city would be hired z a consultant for $250,000. but some community members said it would be a waste of money. >> if you really need to hear
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what he has to say, why don't you go and have howard jordan buy his book on amazon for $18. >> the city of oakland cannot afford the lawsuits that will follow this. >> we do not condone racial profiling. we never have. we have worked very hard to build this relationship between the community. >> reporter: the plan would also include more funding for the police academy to train new officers and hiring 20 police service technicians. the measure would have the most impact is the hiring of 11 alameda county sheriffs deputies for up to 180 days for violent suppression efforts. all of these votes came from two council members in the wake of massive shooting in an eight day stretch that left six people dead. the council will vote rob the herb -- will vote on the issue next tuesday. live from oakland i'm tara
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moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. police chief jordan is backing off from surprising comments he made earlier about gangs. he said that two gangs in east oakland are responsible for it% of last years violent crimes. gene quan made a similar error last year. new this morning a deadly helicopter crash in london right in the middle of rush hour. ktvu channel 2 reporter brian flores joins us from the newsroom with details. >> reporter: the conditions were foggy at the time of the crash. two people are dead, 13 injured. despite the numbers officials are saying this is a miracle that more people weren't hurt or kilned. this is video just after the helicopter crash. you can see the flames from the crash on the roadway there. news reports out of london say the helicopter crashed into a
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crane during rush hour. the location about ten blocks away from the very busy water -- februaries say the pilot was the only one on guard. the other person that was killed was reportedly in close proximity to the crash site. >> we just heard an explosion. it sounded like a fighter plane flying over. we thought it was a terrorist attack. we came straight out on the main road. there was huge piles of smoke over the back there. >> reporter: again 13 people are injured as well. we know one of them is in critical conditions. officials is also say there was knob inside the crane operating it. we are hearing the person that would normally be in there for work was running late for work. the focus will remain on that crane to make sure parts of it
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doesn't fall into the street and the act does not appear to be terrorism related. in the newsroom i'm brian flores. time now 6:05. another big story. the dream liner jets. it was suppose to generate millions of dollars this year. this morning there are no boeing 787 flying into or out of the bay area. lorraine blanco is live at the airport to tell us why a lot of flights around the world are grounding. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dave. the two japanese airlines that have grounded planes on that dream liner say they will decide tomorrow whether they will resume flights on friday. here at san jose international our part. a flight was supposed to take off by 10:00 thousands morning. last night an airways flight made an emergency landing in western japan. reporting battery problems and a burning smell in the cockpit.
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129 passengers used emergency slides to exit the 787. no one was injured but the problems were enough to prompt the volunteer grounding on all dream liner flights. this is the latest of several problems including an electrical fire in boston an january 7th. a fuel leak last week and a cracked cock pit window. a spokeswoman says safety is always the number one priority here but they do hope to resume flights when it seems safe. friday's inaugural flight was the first direct flight since they canceled service to tokyo seven years ago. reporting live in san jose lorraine blanco ktvu channel 2 news. time is 6:07. this morning at the white house president obama will unvail his plan to reduce gun violence. the president among other things wants congress to ban assault weapons. he wants limits on high
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capacity ammunition clips. he wants to require background checks on anyone who buys -- we want to go to sal. he has an update on that police activity. >> that is right. this is what happened a big rig driver reported he thought he had been shot at on the freeway on 238. he pulled off to one of the city streets. chp is investigating. they are going to take a report now. we'll see if it turned out to be gunshots or something else. the freeway is not effected but the city street nearby you may see a big rig pulled over with a couple chp officers. let's take a look at the bay bridge. you're getting a little bit of a backup in some of the lanes. westbound coming into san francisco not a big delay.
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and if you are driving in san francisco along northbound 101 that looks good. 280 coming out of daly city on down to the alameda maze. let's go to steve. sal, thank you. clear skies. a little bit of patchy fog might be getting closer and closer. it's ready but not yet. clear skies. a lot of sunshine today. we lost the higher clouds. still an easterly breeze. until then high pressure is definitely large -- especially coast an bay. it's very, very slow warm up. temperatures finally getting back the 60s. i think imland we will see some of that in the next day or two be i think things have changed. remember it was very, very warm. we had a south wind. now temperatures are back in
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the single tickets. pattern slowly changing. it's not going to happen any time soon soon. city a lot of tos. but sunshine and a slight warm up due to that easterly breeze that really helps emery vail -- 55 walnut creek to 59 downtown oakland. berkeley at 58. brentwood at 53. 57 san jose. santa cruz 62. somebody breaking the 60-degree range. half-moon bay 57. mountain view is in there. fog will be back but we'll deal with that as we get closer to the weekend. otherwise it looks sunny. time is 6:10. the expanding mystery after a
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man's body was found in the trunk of a car near the sonoma state campus. a dramatic rescue. this is happening right near in portland, oregon. you are looking at live pictures. why the firefighters are racing to cut through that concrete wall. jwwñ
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time now 6:13. happening right now fire crews are busy right here. look at this. they are trying to free a woman she is trapped into between walls in downtown portland, oregon. that woman has been trapped since 3:45 this morning. i can count a half a dozen firefighters right there and a man with a saw trying to cut through the concrete. now reportedly she fell off a balcony and became stuck between a wall of a building and parking garage. witnesses heard her calling for help. they called 911. the firefighters are using a saw to cut through the concrete trying to get to her. she is conscious. she is alert. they are talking to her. we're watching all of this. we'll bring you the latest on this rescue effort that is happening right now. meantime back at home there is a new twist in the investigation into the death of a man who's body was found in the trunk of a car near the
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sonoma state university campus. sheriffs deputies made the discovery monday night. they identified the victim as 31-year-old shawn parker of vallejo. he's also a suspect in a recent domestic violence case. investigators say they don't think the two incidents are related. they also say that the woman in the domestic violence case is safe and had nothing to do with the killing. in just three hours president obama will roll out his plans for gun control but he will need congress to vote for more sweeping changes. as kyla campbell reports it is not beginning to be ease -- going to be easy. >> reporter: senate majority leader harry reid says changing gun laws will be a tough challenge. democrats in the senate are going to work on gun laws they believe will pass the
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republican controlled house. but some republicans who support gun rights say none of these measures would have prevented the tragedy at newtown. they believe the focus needs to be on mental health. >> it really does a disservice to the families and victims of newtown. it does a disservice to the american people. to look at what the real policies are here. >> reporter: mental health is expected to be a part of president obama's gun control agenda. i'll take a look at his options when i see you next. live in washington kyla campbell. ktvu news will bring you live coverage of the president's proposals for reducing gun violence. he is scheduled to make that announcement at 8:55 this morning our time. ktvu will also be streaming the presidents remarks live on our website happening right now a small group of redwood city boat owners ignored a midnight city
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deadline. 144 tenants received eviction notices. while most left a few remained. seven have been gwynn more time to move while a few others say they have no choice and will defie the eviction notice. >> me and my husband go we don't have a place to go to yet. he has 20 years worth of stuff. >> people no long vera valid lease to be here. pete's harbor will be closed as we know it. >> marina owners are selling the area to developers that will build a 411 unit complex w slips. the flu is hitting the bay area hard. the california specific medical center in san francisco has four-times more patients this flu season than they have seen in the past two years. the cpmc says most of the cases are adults while in other parts of the gannetry they are seeing
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more. santa rosa memoir hospital has a two day strike. nurses balked out no -- this labor dispute involves working conditions and higher it's contracted with replacement workers. let's check back in with sal. >> we're looking a the the east bay pres which are getting a little manufacture busy now. north and south -- you will see sling on the way down to 238. this mornings commute has been okay if you are driving on westbound bay bridge. the metering lights are on. the traffic is beginning to
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stack up here. 6:18 let's go to steve. sal, thank you. i'll tell you temperatures are coming up a little bit. there is a little bit more moisture in the air. pretty soon we will talk about it. concord is in there. walnut creek. santa rosa. there is a lot to gosanta rosa at 59.
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59 downtown oakland. half-moon bay getting up there. redwood city as well. a little tougher inland. lots of sun. there will be patchy fog but it's dry for awhile. >> thank you, steve. insiders say a deal to take dell private computer is gaining momentum. they have lined up four banks to help finance a buyout. a leverage buyout would be the biggest private equity transitions in five years. dell has lost market shares. new study shows younger americans are likely to pay down their credit cards. the aarp says low and middle income had an average balance of 8300. younger consumers had an average balance of $200 lower. time now 6:20. there is a new report on how the university of california is
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failing to attract nonstudents to its online classes. how much money has been spent by the university and why only one student has taken a class so far. plus it has gone viral. a man attacked by a giant fish at a popular tourist spot. find out why some people are angry with that man. [ male announcer ] the career landscape of america is changing.
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look add this fish catches a man. this happened in the florida keys. it happened at a spot where you're allowed to hand feed tar pin fish. that is what that man was doing when the fish jumped out of the water and grabbed on to his hand. people are actually mad at the man for probably causing permanent damage to the fills of the fish. members of occupy oakland are suing the city of oakland. they claim oakland police unlawfully arrested 400 people and held them in jail for hours but never charged them with a crime. they are now asking the court to destroy all the records associated with the arrests including fingerprints and photos. the mass arrest happened after demonstrators tried to take
6:26 am
over the vacant henry jay kizer convention center. bay area congresswoman zeo has -- swarts hanged himself last friday. he was facing up to 35 years in prison on charges of steeling academic articles from mit. the proposed legislation called aaron's law would modify the computer fraud and abuse act. the law allowed the government to bring disproportion nit charges against swartz. they will talk about the university's less than spectacular defense about marketing online classes to nonstudents. the university spent $4.3 million marketing the online classes hoping to attract tuition from students all over the world. but since the classes started a year ago, only one person who was not already a uc student has take an class. uc online classes cost $1400 to
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$2400. but other universities like stanford and harvard are offering online classes for free. hundreds of thousands of students have signed up for those classes. season 12 of american idol kicks off tonight right here on ktvu channel 2. mariah carey, nikki minaj and keith urban join randy jackson at the judges table. but judges say the focus is on finding the next big talent and that sometimes creates colorful moments. >> we have so much stuff going on this season. if i were a viewer, i would have be dvring this season. there are so many things. >> as usual fans can expect wild wacky and off key singers during early auditions and this is going to be great. be sure to watch for
6:28 am
contestants that had surprise auditions after being secretly nominated by their friends. american idol returns tonight right at 8:00 right here on ktvu channel 2. the premier continues with a two hour episode tomorrow night. also at 8:00. 6:26. sal doesn't have to audition. you've got the job. >> why, thank you very much. >> how are your friends in the south bay? >> they are doing very well. northbound 280 i would say they passed their audition just well. getting up to 880 the traffic here looks good. on the sunol grade traffic looks nice. let's go to steve. thank you. another cold one out there. 20s and 30s. a couple low 40s. it will be sunny and a little warmer today. highs starting in the 20s. you can see concord in there. and santa rosa and napa. upper 50s. time now 6:27.
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a meeting on violent crime gets out of hand at oakland city hall. the late night vote at city hall and where the plan goes from here. we're live in san jose where police are searching for a man who tried to snatch a little girl out of her mother's arm. i just spoke with police and i have disturbing new details about this case. plus in new york the opening bell is just about to ring on wall street. pam will have the early stock numbers.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. over the nasdaq it's good to work for this company icr. they are ringing the bell remotely from their conference. i have not been there. i'm guessing that is nice.
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nice little spot. a lot of companies to watch. and it looks like the dow is going to head lower the european markets are all down. we'll have all the business news coming up. we'll go ahead and smile and say good morning, to you. thank you for joining us. middle of the week. it's wednesday, january 16th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. time now is 6:30. we have a very scary story to tell you about. a kidnap attempt in san jose now causing fears. the man tried to grab her two- year-old daughter right from her arms. cd idea is in san jose and just spoke with police. janine. >> reporter: police told me they are going to try to have a sketch made up of this man who tried to attempt to kidnap the child here on dayo court. this attempted kidnapping was very bold and brazen. it happened at dusk so it was still light outside about 5:40 when this man tried to snatch
6:33 am
the child out of her mother's home. they were playing outside when a strange man walked up. the woman said he made a comment about her two-year-old sew she picked up her daughter. that is when he grabbed the toddlers legs. police describe the fierce struggle between the mother and man. >> he forced by which the struggle happened. forced the child's shoes to be pulled off their feet. or her feet during the struggle. we need assistance from the public in trying to get this guy off the street. >> reporter: the mother was able to hang on to her daughter and run into the house and call 911. the man was last seen walking away on paven drive. police canvassed the area but have come up empty handed. he's described as latino between the ages of 20 to 30
6:34 am
years old. the mother also said he smelled like automotive oil. again police are taking this case very seriously. they say it's very bold and verien usual for this to happen to the degree that somebody would go into a struggle with the mother trying to take the child out of the mother's arms. they are hoping if anybody has any information about this case to please give them a call. reporting live squad cd. police in milpitas hope sketch can help solve an attempted kidnapping in the mall. he's describe described as asian 50 to 60 years old with a pot belly and receding hairline. time now 6:33. the city of oakland now a step closer to adopting a new crime fighting plan that is after last night's late night vote
6:35 am
and a very heated city hall meeting. ktvu tara moriarty joining us live now to tell us about that noisy emotional council meeting. oakland police chief is hoping that this plan will get the final seal of approval next week. he met with pretty rough protestors last night. and anyone who supported this new crime fighting plan. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: now committee members had to ask repeatedly for the gallery to quiet down. at the heart of the controversy a policing tactic called stop and frisk. it's supported by bill bratton l.a.'s former police chief. someone chief jordan wants to hire to crack down on violence in oakland opinion he's helped reduce crime in l.a. and new york city would be hired as a consultant for $250,000. some say it's a waste of money.
6:36 am
>> i don't advocate violence. >> ask yourself why people in this room are so willing to risk going to jail by shouting out and screaming because they know there is something fundamentally wrong with the oakland police department. >> just remember this i'm the police chief. i'm the guy that gets to decide what practice we're going to do and how we are going to do it. i'm the person that is going to be held accountable. >> reporter: the plan also includes more funding for the police academy to train new officers and hiring police service technicians. the measure that would have the most impact is the hiring of 11 police deputies. all of these proposals came from two council members in the wake of a massive shooting in just an eight-day stretch that left six people dead. now again the council is going to be voting on the issue next tuesday in what promises to be a heated and firey debate.
6:37 am
live from oakland i'm tara moriarty. time now 6:35. a marin county gun buy back program was so successful they ran out of cash. coming up at 6:46 how many weapons were collected and how the gun owners were compensated after the money ran out. new this morning a helicopter crashed in london killing two people. ktvu channel 2 reporter brian flores joins us now from our newsroom with details of how weather may have contributed to this deadly accident. brian. yeah we are continuing to foe low this story. we understand the conditions were foggy at the time of the crash and if the pilot tried to hasn't because of the fog. this is new video just half the helicopter crash. again, two people are dead. 13 injured. you can see the flames from the crash on the road there. people on the street also in shock of what happened. news reports out of london say the helicopter crashed into a
6:38 am
train during rush hour. the location about ten blocks away also from the very waterloo weigh station. officials say the pilot was 9 only one on board and began his flight in suri in southwest london when he wanted to divert to heath row because of the hive fog. the guards are running outside. they say a plane had flown into the crane there. so we tried to see if anyone was hurt. >> 13 people injured. again one is also critically injured as well. there is nobody inside the crane operating it from what we hear. we're hearing the person that would normally be in there was running late for work. officials say also the focus will remain on that crane to make sure that parts of it doesn't fall into the street. the accident does not apeer to
6:39 am
-- appear to be terrorism related. back here in the bay area work begins on a major makeover for san francisco great highway. we want to take you out there live this morning thanks to our photographer the big road repaving project will create a smoother road for the entire highway next to the pacific ocean. the road work also improve pedestrian access to ocean beach and agile cant prop nod. time now 6:37. got to get you to where you need to go. sal, you're watching everything but starting in the east bay. >> that is right. people trying to get to the east bay. may be effected by a couple crashes. one the major one near grant line road. also more slow traffic after that. as you head to livermore. it's going to be slow there on westbound 580 this morning. bay bridge toll plaza also
6:40 am
getting slow. it's backed up for a ten minute delay. those metering rights have been on for 20 minutes now. if you're driving on 237 trying to get into the valley 237 and 101 are also slow. some people are using alternate routes. 6:37 let's go if steve. all right, sal, thank you. we do have clear skies out there. temperatures are cold again. i'm waiting for my computer to load. that's what i'm doing. [ laughter ] it may be awhile. there it is. temperatures again 20s and 30s. but it's going to be a little warmer each day temps are coming up slightly. but bay side and also along the coast temperatures each day little bit. we get the offshore push. that is the land the sea breeze the direction the wind is coming from. very, very slow warmup for some. some of the lows checking in this morning. cordelia two bits. newark 28. pleasanton 28. stanford is 29. gilroy also 29.
6:41 am
other temps around the area concord 29. walnut creek in there not far from livermore airport. novato 27. santa rosa 27. city is 41 by the way. redwood city says 28. you can see the direction the wind taking everything offshore even the higher clouds are gone. so wall to wall sunshine today. it will be nice. a little warmer. but it's cold right now. that east breeze helps those along the bay and also the coast. did go 59 sonoma county airport. and oakland 59 with 58 in berkeley. 62 santa cruz. but low to mid 50s out to the east bay and areas that are too far inland. sunny patchy fog will be popping up as we get close to the weekend. some temperatures will be creep into the low 60s. really cold weather in south lake tahoe blamed for a big mess at four casinos. water pipes burst on monday.
6:42 am
harrahs was hit the hardest. firefighters have since reinstalled all of the broken sprinklers there. the big concern now is about the vacation home up there where pipes may burst as the weather starts to warm up. now that the national hockey league lockout is over, tickets for the sharks go on sale at 10:00 this morning. first home game is a week from tomorrow against phoenix. now to thank the fans for being so patient, there are promotions all throughout the season including opening night give aways like game worn jerseys and even having lunch with the team. >> that is pretty cool. >> yeah. 6:41 is the time. new developments surrounding lance armstrong. the reason the government is now examing armstrong's friendship with a well known san francisco investment banker. we're live at san jose
6:43 am
international airport. where an airways dream liner is grounded. we'll tell you what happened and why this service is so important to the city. if you are driving on 24 westbound between walnut creek and oakland it's beginning to get pretty busy. jwwñ
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[ male announcer ] are you a business traveler who can withstand the perils of air travel? can you survive change fees? blackout dates? boarding in mobs? do you actually, in a weird way, kind of enjoy rude service? then you might have what it takes to keep flying your airline. ♪
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if you don't, then stop playing the airline game by their rules. come on over to southwest, the one airline that changed the game for the whole industry. ♪
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well shark tank. there you go. upper 20s. temperatures will warm up today. temperatures a few upper 50s now. welcome back. good morning, to you. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we're following for you at 6:44. in a couple hours from right president obama will tell us his plan for reducing gun violence. among other things the president is expected to call on congress to ban assault weapons and high capacity ammunition clips. late last night oakland's public safety committee approved a controversial crime fighting plan during a very chaotic meeting. now this proposed plan would include hiring former los angeles police chief william bratton as a consultant on crime. protestors claim bratton would bring a racist crime fighting program to oakland. the full city council will vote on this next week. san jose police are searching for a man they say tried to kidnap a two-year-old
6:47 am
girl. they say it happened last night on dayo court. the suspect described as latino man between 20 and 30 years old. he was wearing a red baseball hat, blue jeans and a yellow striped shirt. the mother of the child says that suspect smelled like automotive oil. just days after the dream liner started flying in and out of the bay area it has been grounded. lorraine blanco is at mineta san jose airport with the latest problem to plague this troubled plane. janine. >> reporter: pam, since friday's inaugural flight four flights have taken off with no problems. until further notice they are going to be grounded here. the temporary grounding is because of this. last night an airways flight made an emergency landing in western japan. reporting burning smell and problems. they exited the boeing 787 on emergency slides. no one was injured by the problems were enough to prompt
6:48 am
the voluntary grounding on all dream liner flights while japan's transforted a ministry conducts safety checks. a spokeswoman says safety is always the number one priority here they do hope to resume flights when deemed safe. friday's inaugural flight was the first direct flight flight to asia since american airlines canceled its service seven years ago. this is an important service for the city. san jose officials estimate the service will generate $78 million in business and 61 jobs here in its first year. as for resuming the flights we're told that tomorrow they will make a decision whether to resume flights on friday. reporting live at san jose international airport lorraine blanco. new york city parents had to send their kids to school on the subway or make other
6:49 am
arrangements after school bus drivers walked off the job this morning. the union is upset the city put its bus contracts up for bid with no job guarantees for the drivers. the strike effects more than 150,000 students. many are disabled. school officials handed out metro cards so students can take the subway and city buses. not everyone is happy with marin county gun buy back program even though 827 weapons were collected. the event was so successful organizers ran out of money an hour after it started. the line to novato police headquarters stretched around the building. people received $200 for turning in semi automatic weapon and $100 for other guns. they handed out nongash tee vouchers after the -- nonguarantee vouchers after the cash ran out. >> a typical government operation designed and implemented more than flawed. >> the the marin county
6:50 am
district county will too to raise the money. the federal investigation into its finances is now examing his relationship with san francisco financier tom weasel. provided financial backing. meanwhile a person familiar with armstrong interview with oprah winfrey says the cyclist was not contrite when he was discussing his use of performance enhancing drugs. the source tells the daily news armstrong described himself as another cyclist to compete in the grueling sport. the mafficks big wave surfing -- the mavericks big wave surfing competition may be held this weekend. a big swell is coming but they don't know if the conditions are just right until 48 hours after the event. spectators you won't be allowed
6:51 am
on the beach this year because of safety concerns. organizers say the best way to watch it is online. best way to watch traffic is watch us. because we have sal. >> yeah. >> that is right. here we are. we are starting in oakland this time. and the traffic is moving along pretty well on 880 north and southbound. it is getting more crowded. the morning commute is also going to be a little bit more crowded if you are driving on 580 westbound. no major problems there. also at the toll plaza we have a backup here that is stretching out for about a ten minute delay. no major problems getting into san francisco. i do want to mention traffic on 101 on the peninsula still looks good if you're trying to get to the airport. 280 as well. a little congestion on highway 1. and if you're driving on 101 we had an earlier crash right near 13th street. traffic is still pretty slow past 280. let's go to steve. sal, thank you.
6:52 am
clear skies. another cold, cold morning. although temperatures have been coming up. especially up in the mountains. a couple days ago it was nine, ten, 11 below. now they are sitting in 10-14 degrees. newark 28. stanford 29 degrees. walnut creek in the upper 20s. concord as well. novato. santa rosa. fairfield there is something wrong with their thermometer so the temperature doesn't show up. higher clouds gone. a little bit of patchy fog i think is getting closer to showing up in the forecast here. not here yet. little bit of an east breeze slightly warmer. there will be a lot of sunshine. little warmer coast and bay. that east wind is a benefit for those near the bay. it makes it tough if you're far
6:53 am
enough inland. 50s. about 55-59. brentwood and antioch a little cooler. 59 downtown. 62 santa cruz. 58 gilroy. mil patas in there as well. half-moon bay 57. 55 in san francisco. >> thank you, steve. this morning gp morgan chase reports quarterly earnings jumped 53%. profits rose to $5.7 billion which is a record there. the results are helped by increased profits in mortgage lending and decline in the cost of bad loans. the board cut the bonus of ceo jamie diamond though. they say he's ultimately responsible for the banks $6 billion trading loss. another top executive has resigned at apple. that is according to all things d. he is leaving to spend more time with his family.
6:54 am
now the mow comes as a sur -- the move comes as a surprise. he's been the leader of the company's huge success. he was expected to take over the presidency of the retail division at apple after ron johnson left last year to become ceo at jc penny. let's check in on the numbers. dow jones down about 52 points. almost 40%. the s & p and nasdaq also down a little bit on you know some of the earnings reports and economic news coming in. time now 6:52. about those energy drinks an alarming new study. what some scientists are saying now. about whether the drinks are good for you. plus new developments in a dramatic rescue we've been watching. a woman stuck between two walls in portland, oregon. take a look at the rescue going on right now.
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
time now 6:55. the following new developments portland, oregon fire crews live pictures trying to rescue a woman trapped between two walls. those are concrete walls in the past 30 minutes they have made progress. they used a saw. they cut a hole through that concrete wall. you can see them reaching through now. the woman has been trapped
6:58 am
behind there since 3:45 this morning. reportedly she fell off a balcony, got stuck in a foot and a half space between the wall of a building and parking garage. we are keeping an eye on this rescue happening in portland, oregon. we'll bring you another update in 15 minutes. the number of people sent to emergency rooms because of energy drinks has doubled. that is according to a new study over four year period by the substance abuse and mental health administration. most of the 20,000 people who sought medical attention between 2007 and 2011 were young adults. they can cause a range of health problems including insome knee ma, nervousness, and fast heartbeat and seizures. let's quickly go to sal. let's get everybody to where they need to go. >> right now westbound bay bridge there is a big not a big
6:59 am
delay. i would say moderate delay. 10-15 minutes. not big. moderate delay here. also the morning commute looks good in the south bay but a little bit traffic on northbound 101 because of an earlier accident. now let's go back to the steve. a lot of 20s out there. i know 26 in sebastopol. i just heard from john there. a lot of upper 20s around santa rosa and napa. it will start to warm up a little bit here coast and bay. 59 oakland. more coming up on mornings on 2. also coming up a shocking crime right outside of a south bay home. the search for a man who tried to take a little girl from a mother's arm.

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